Soil Testing & Management

Azure Group can help you test & manage your soil so it can be re-used at your property and not considered as a waste.

Excess soil is dirt material generated at the site that is no longer needed and must be transported off-site or re-used at a different location on your site.

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Ontario has new rules and regulations for excess soil management. Azure Group Inc. can help you navigate through the regulations, plan your soil and fill management, sample and test to meet standards and supervise your overall work.

The Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP) has released a guide which encourages the reuse of excess soil at development sites where the soil is excavated, transported, and where it is received.
The policy states that the site of origin would be responsible for characterizing, tracking, and verifying receipt of the excess soil at the site where the soil is to be received. 

The Excess Soil Management Policy Framework is developed by the MECP and partner ministries under the Environmental Protection Act, so that larger land development sites (i.e., proposed developments with numerous levels of underground parking) and riskier sites (industrial, commercial, or properties that obtain a potentially contaminating activity) are developing and implementing excess soil management plans that are certified by a Qualified Person (QP).

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